The pumps have a very important and a pivotal role for supply of water in the various residential and commercial Building and its drainage systems and further circulation in pipeline systems. Centrifugal multistage and single stage are used as supply system and submersible pumps are often used in sewage and rainwater handling and disposal.

CENTFOS pumps provide you with the most time-saving installation scheme and save your installation cost. We are committed to providing you with a complete set of services from consultation to product installation, dedicated to saving your cost and time. Our company has accumulated abundant experience in the field of water treatment. To meet the needs of users, CENTFOS Pumps has successfully developed a series of submersible pumps and sewerage devices suitable for home, residential and commercial buildings. It can deal with every type of harsh and tough environmental conditions. It also has extensive range of range and accessories to improve product performance. These products are made of high quality durable materials and can be applied flexibly to various terrain conditions.

For domestic and residential pump installations, CENTFOS’s submersible pump can be used to transport water and drainage. It can effectively carry out water seepage, flood, sewerage, central garbage drain disposal and pool drain. The advance cutting edge impeller of submersible pump with particulate cutting system can process wastewater containing particulate matter.

To provide a sustainable supply of water to every corner of the world, CENTFOS innovative pump technology and sustainable solutions are needed and can provide a perfect solution in pressure and flow for all demanding requirements, whether in urban multi stories residential buildings or rural housing, Single family homes or dual family home.

Our products can provide efficient pumping service on the premise of low energy consumption, thus achieving the perfect combination of high comfort and low energy costs.



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