Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry


Demand for pumps in pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry has been widely acknowledged as high-tech industrial group with advanced technological perspective due to its direct involvement in national and international health, public life safety, social stability, economic development.
Most of the raw materials of pharmaceutical (Chemical ingredients) either it is finished or semi-finished are liquid. In order to ensure the continuous process of pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical production, it is necessary to pump the liquid material from one place to another through pipes.

For example, in the chemical pharmaceutical process, the feeding and discharging of liquids need to be pumped in either ways of chemical processing system.

So many kind of pumps are used in continuous production process, transfer of liquids, system Circulation, Tanker loading/unloading, Filling of Containers & Bottlings, chemical reactions and shear Blending. So Pump plays a very important role as a machine part or pharmaceutical process system equipment for the production of medicines.

There are many types of Pumps are used and can be classified from miniature pump to bulk supplies as below on the basis of Liquid movement within pump: –

Reciprocating pump, Centrifugal Pump, Parallel Pump, Peristaltic pump, Electrostatic pumps, Electromagnetic pumps, Pressure pumps, Pneumatic pumps, Heat-driven bubble pumps, liquid power pumps, hot-braking bimetallic pumps, shape memory alloy pumps, etc.

Major Types of pump used in the pharmaceutical industry:

Parallel Displacement pump: All kinds of liquid medicine, blood products, biological products, sugar coating, all kinds of ointment, glucose, oral liquid etc.

Characteristics of parallel pumps:

  1. The parallel displacement pump is widely used range in viscous liquid for more parallel flow.
    2、Its liquid conveying motion is parallel to the direction of flow which causing zero damage in chemical belabours, No agitate, No flow shear to process material.


Metering pump.
The metering pump or quantitative flow pump or proportional pump. It is used to transport the liquids in control and metered flow volume during a chemical reaction, parallel metered blending process and for bottling.



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