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Agriculture   Agriculture Pump Selection Agricultural water pump is a kind of agricultural machinery. A water pump is a machine that transports liquids or pressurizes liquids. According to the working principle and structural characteristics of the main working parts, the first category is vane pump. By rotating impeller, it works with centrifugal force or impetus, […]
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Aquaculture   It is understood that in the total amount of fish consumed worldwide, the proportion of cultured fish has risen from 5% in 2007 to nearly 50% today. The World Bank, FAO and IFPRI in 2014 launched a report pointed out that the proportion will rise to 2/3 by 2030 in order to meet […]
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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas   Pump types For Oil and Gas:- Pumps for petrochemical industry can be divided into the following according to their use:1.Feed pump: It is mainly used for transporting raw material and meeting the needs of continuous production, flow of this kind of pump needs a little margin. In general, they are always […]
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Industrial Utilities

Industrial Utilities   The Industries are facing a biggest challenge in both directions of “supplies” and “drainage” to maintain a stable and efficient operation in terms of effective and reliable operability, Least break down, Low cost effective operation, Easy maintenance and handling and timely service parts availability. So efficient supplies of liquids and drainage systems […]
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Power Generation

Power Generation   Pump is a very important auxiliary equipment for a power plant. It has a wide application in every section of the power plant. These are mainly Feed pump, water circulation pump, condensate pump, ash pump, oil pump, etc.; The Pumps as auxiliary parts of any power plant, Plays a pivotal and an […]
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